When Plans Get Rejected

20140608-195713-71833121.jpgIf you watch HGTV or DIY Network, you know remodels and surprises always go hand-in-hand.But, we thought that wasn't real life!So, we have good news... And we have bad news.

The Good News

We submitted final plans to the city for approval! Yay!

The Bad News

I got a call from the city a couple hours later to let us know they rejected our plans.I know. My heart sunk too. And so did Sam's when I got off the phone and told her. We were crushed. All our plans. Our dreaming. We are bursting at the seams, counting the seconds until our growing family can adequately fit in our much-loved home. This remodel was the answer!So why the rejection? Something about special zoning for corner lots needing 20 feet of setback (distance from the property line to the closest wall of the house). And the property line doesn't start at the sidewalk. Apparently the city owns the sidewalk and 4.5 feet in from the sidewalk towards our property.The lady I spoke to from the city was very kind and patient in explaining everything to me. We'll be re-submitting clearer plans next week showing accurate property lines and hoping for a miracle: that the new measurements all fit within the zoning restrictions.Worst case scenario, we'll have to apply for a variance with the building commission when they're next available half way through July.Sam prayed a prayer minutes after hearing the news that lifted my spirits. She thanked God for working his plan out for our house and for saving us from unseen issues, whether they were timing, design, or something else we hadn't seen coming. Maybe it's just his way of teaching us patience or dependence on him, who knows. But we know it's for a reason.God is good and is committed to what's best for us. We'll try to trust that and let you know what happens next.

On A Fun/Random Note

We found out we have two different types of Hollyhock flowers blooming on our property. I'd only seen one other set of Hollyhocks around town that were fluffier, almost like carnations. Then our front yard flowers bloomed and one of the Hollyhocks we transplanted from Sam's parents house bloomed like this:20140531-000026-26539.jpgWe love it and we were excited to even learn that there are different Hollyhock varieties.Thanks for reading, have a great week!