Around The Garden This Weekend

Just a quick update from the weekend. We spent all day, Saturday, outside. We woke up early, made a giant list of to-dos and marched into the yard.20140524-215818-79098789.jpgWe started dead-heading the back roses around 6:30 am. One of our major "to-do's" was to get the above-ground pool set up, which meant the roses needed a nice trim. So, I grabbed a little bucket for the old blooms...20140524-215819-79099157.jpgAnd quickly filled and refilled that little bucket. I guess we haven't trimmed in a while. But these two roses in the corner by the fig tree bloom faster than we can count.We hand watered the hollyhocks (we had to disconnect their water source in preparation for the remodel). Some are reaching 10-12 feet! We're looking forward to harvesting the seeds and were thinking of maybe selling some. Let us know if you're interested?20140524-215819-79099863.jpg 20140524-215819-79099529.jpgWe also gave the fig tree some extra water. We've noticed that the tree grows exponentially faster when we give it some extra water now and then.20140524-215820-79100549.jpgI'll be sharing these in the Twitter #gardenchat conversation we found last week (search #gardenchat on Twitter). They are an awesome group of green thumb friends that welcomed us right into their circle. Definitely go follow along and contribute your own garden pictures with the hash tag #gardenchat.