Top Five Room Essentials I Have Throughout My Home

Over the years we’ve renovated 2 houses and decorated and re decorated dozens of rooms hundreds of times. Here are my go-to room essentials to instantly make any room feel more livable, warm and welcoming.

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1. A natural Element

I tend to lean towards plants, especially succulents. But cut flowers are always beautiful and I often like to work in natural elements like moss in the base of a terrarium or a branch candlestick holder. Something that grounds the room and brings your thoughts back to nature. I love these tiny succulents and I’ve used them in a few rooms throughout the house. 

2. Good Lighting

Ideally I would have massive windows in all the rooms of my home, but our current fixer upper does not have that going for it. So we invested in some smart bulbs from Wyze that have a Candlelight setting for evening and a Daylight setting that mimics outdoor light for the day. Good lighting can instantly make a room feel more welcoming.

3. Different Textures

I think texture can be an underutilized design element in your home. Our current space was feeling very formal and a bit cold and I knew it needed some love. One way I helped make the room more inviting was by adding in texture in a few places, a shag area rug, a sleek coffee table, and a grommet detailed sectional all work together to make the space feel lived in and put together. I also love textured throw pillows like this one!

4. A Clock

Yup, a clock - I am constantly striving to look at my phone less during the day and especially while spending time with people. It has become almost second nature to grab your phone and check the time or a notification in the middle of a conversation. I want to minimize the reasons someone may feel the need to be checking their phone and one way I can do that is by having a clock visible in every room.

Be honest, how many times have you grabbed your phone to check the time but saw a notification from Instagram and got totally sidetracked responding to someones comment? By eliiminating the need to check the time on a device, you’re eliminating the opportunity of distraction and being disconnected from the moment you’re in.

5. Something That Smells Nice

Whether you like a wax warmer, a diffuser, or candles, having your home smelling nice is a must. I try to keep smells similar if not the same throughout the rooms of my house and when I’m ready for a change, I will switch all of the rooms to something new. Keep in mind if you are cooking something that has a strong smell, like garlic bread and pasta, you may not want your home to smell like fresh laundry. I feel like vanilla is always a safe bet if you’re unsure. 

Or if you’re feeling extra fancy, this candle from Anthropology is a winner!