Valentine's Day - Good, Bad, Commercial, Romantic



I'd like to offer a toast, to Valentine's Day.

Once a year we bring our gloves to the ring, ready to slug it out over whether or not V-Day is worth celebrating. Some hate it because it's a reminder of loneliness, others because Hallmark's profits go up.

On the other side, star crossed lovers swoon over cards, flowers and chocolates. There's even a small handful of romantics, single but hopeful, that cherish Valentine's Day, and hope to celebrate with a special someone someday. I've been in every corner of this heart-shaped boxing ring and I'd like to ask something of everyone.

Can we agree for just a moment, even if only silently in front of your phone or computer screen while reading this, that it is nice once a year to be reminded to focus on love? Forget the commercials and cards and, if it helps, you can even forget the emphasis on romance. Valentine's Day could be my new favorite Holiday if I use it to remind me to love my wife, my kids, my parents and siblings and neighbors and coworkers and maybe even my enemies...

We could all use a reminder to love at least once a year.