Italian Stovetop Espresso

Friends, let me just share a little coffee gem with you... the Italian stovetop espresso maker. Do yourself a coffee loving favor and go get one! Not only are they super cool looking, they make great espresso super easily! Here's how I make almond milk lattes with my Italian espresso maker:20140115-145731.jpgUnscrew the top from the bottom and take out the tiny cup that holds the ground espresso. Fill the base with filtered water up to the little knot on the side (see top right picture). Then place the little cup back into the base, fill with ground espresso (see bottom right picture), then screw the top back on. Put the whole thing on a small burner on your stove.

*Pro-Tip: Don't let the flame come up over the sides, it will heat the handle up and you'll burn your hand when you try to pour it. Yes, I have done it... Twice.

While your coffee is brewing, measure out 1/2 a mug of almond milk into a small sauce pan (you can use any milk, I just prefer almond) and whisk it on low heat to give it froth while it's warming. Once the milk is nice and hot pour it into your mug. You'll probably be hearing bubbling from your espresso maker by now, that's a good thing! Take a peek under the lid and see if it has all filtered through...20140115-150337.jpgThe water boils up from the bottom, through the ground espresso, and out the top. So awesome! Once it's done pour it into your mug of frothy almond milk, add a little raw sugar and enjoy! So tasty and so simple. Hope you like it!