Hi, we're Daniel and Sam. We've been blessed to work together, from home and want to pass that blessing on to anyone who wants to join us.

What does your dream life look like? We found the way to get there.

Daniel And Sam - ItWorks Distributors


We use the It Works health products everyday. We've measured our own results. It's the only way we could be part of this business - if our health actually improved. And it does. Everyday. 

She bought me a Cadillac!


When Sam first became an It Works distributor, she hoped to make an extra $500/month to help our family finances. She flew by that goal, and made a full time income in 2016... from her phone!!



Most importantly - we're desperate for godly wisdom to cover all parts of this adventure. Our biggest goal is to use the physical and financial abundance God has blessed us with to show his love.


What does your dream life look like?


More time with family? Writing that mystery check when a friend can't fix their car? Disney vacations before your kids are grown and gone? God blessed us with a way to get from real life to our dream life, and we'd love to take you along.